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Looking for a professional wedding photographer to capture your big moment in London Paris or Tuscany?

I offer proposal Cities packages that will help capture stunning photographs of one of the most important moments of your life - your engagement! From London Paris or Tuscany, I will help you plan on every detail for the big moment. 

You'll love your emotions taken by a professional photographer!!!!

When it comes to planning the wedding, it’s more than just one day, this is a lifetime of memories.

Wedding Photography is about unique moments, it’s about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos, this is smiling at moments you didn’t even know happened, seeing the excitement and emotion on the faces of the your family and friends, and, above all, having a story that you shall take with you forever… 

Your Frequently Asked Questions

I believe that my pictures should speak about who you are as a person, about your relationship, about your joy of living.

It's all about feeling. My goal is to provide you with an editorial-based representation of your wedding day, with minimal guiding or posing, just the feeling through candid and well-cared photographs.

How long will you stay for on the wedding day?

I love to keep the things simple. My mission is to catch the detail. Full day coverage comes as standard for weddings, and you will receive all of your images edited in high-resolution – complete with personal printing rights. For developments, the standard coverage is 6 hours, but you can extend the time on request.

How many photos do I get? When?

You will get more than 200 images, individually black & white  essentially or colour corrected to bring out their full potential and provide harmony to the collection, within 1 months. I’ll do my best to provide 10-15 photos to share with families and friends within a few hours from the event.

You will also get a private link via the website "clients" section with a password in order to share the photos you will have chosen with your family & friends.

Do you take traditional family photos?

Absolutely. I strongly believe in those family images, as they’re records of your entire family at a critical time in their history together. I will be happy to shoot a group photo with all the guests and some more intimate portraits with your families and the wedding party. For the rest of the time, I focus on your families and friends, taking candid photos of them during the reception and making sure all the event is well documented.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes, I do! You can shop on our store.

When should we book you for our wedding?

ASAP. I work on a first come, first serve basis. I don’t pencil dates on my cal, therefore weddings are booked when the contract has been signed, and the retainer has been paid.

What is your payment schedule?

A booking fee/retainer is due to reserve your date. You’ll have one more payment 2 weeks before the event and one last after the event. I support Paypal and credit cards. All the process is easier than a slice of cake.

Can we meet you before the event?

I would love to do that, but I travel a lot and often it’s impossible. In fact, the majority of the couples hire me without an in-person meeting. Most of the time by word of mouth. However, I would be happy to schedule a Skype video meeting. I am also very quick, and very thorough, with emails and I do answer most questions that way.

Can we see the outtakes and all of the images that didn’t make the “final cut”?

Please know that when “editing” I’m not striving to hit some number of images to deliver and throwing out “good” pictures. That’s why I take out only eyes-closed, flash-didn’t-fire, person-walked-in-front-of-the-lens, real outtakes. The images not selected are deleted, and therefore aren’t available.

Do you provide the RAW files from my wedding day?

My package comes with a full resolution image download. However, I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from my shoots because I believe in delivering a finished product. In fact, I’m often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind.

Will you publish my photos on your website?

Yes, I will. My business comes from my website, that I care of with many photos from many beautiful photo shoots. For me, it’s vital to publish some photos there, and this is what I will do with your photos as well.

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