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Rungis, the Belly of Paris

Rungis is the largest Fresh Produce Market in the world

The fresh produce market in the centre of Paris called Les Halles, known as ‘the belly of Paris’, moved from the location it had enjoyed for eight centuries.

The new market was opened by President Charles de Gaulle on March 3, 1969.

Along with the capital’s main meat market in the La Villette quarter, the produce market jointly formed the huge Marche d’Interet National (MIN) which set up a new home in Rungis, some eight miles south of Paris. Rungis has been selected because of its easy access by rail, highway and its proximity to Orly International Airport.

Today Rungis is the largest fresh produce market in the world. Fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and flowers are bought in by 26,000 vehicles

every day, stocking the 234 Hectares market that supplies retailers throughout the greater Paris area. Over 26,000 buyers arrive daily (the market has the largest turnover of wholesale markets in the world). And 12,000 employees.

The Rungis market feeds one out of five Frenchmen, and for the greater Paris region it supplies:

• 50% of seafood (fresh- and salt-water)

• 45% of fruit and vegetables

• 35% of meat products

• 50% of cut flowers and potted plants.

After these few references, let’s go to the photographic documentary.

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It started at 3.22am (I was hoping to arrive earlier but the punctuality of French transport are not the same as our British time... ) to finish at around 11am.

I visited :

- Seafood

- Milks & Cheese

- Fruits & Vegetables organic

- Cut flowers

It was a fantastic experience with full of talk with passionate people, full of taste and colourful.

What a perfect day for a food lover!

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