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Let my eye for details capture your gorgeous moments.


About me

I am a passionate experienced photographer who has learnt the art of Photography in Paris, London. I offer a broad scope of photographic work that includes cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, newborns, family groups, wedding, and definitely dog photography. The world offers a lot, and not all can be contextualised in words. There is only one medium that can tell it all, Photography. Through photos I can narrate the fascinating aspects of the world that could never reach you. I have a wild artistic imagination, and my technical skills come in handy to ensure that the final output is impressive. My passion is my drive.


After I moved  to London, I developed a knack for dog photography studio. My first dog in London has influenced and ignited my interest in pet photography, by then in 2016 it was the beginning of the amazing adventure with Yes, I love dog photography. To me, it is irresistible.  It became my favourite addiction, I can say.


I am Virginie Petorin. My roots can be traced to the La Rochelle, A coastal town in France, but my instincts are Parisian. I have also lived in the UK for many years, and I am domiciled in East London, where I established my first studio. Nowadays, I shuttle between Italy, London and Paris where I have photography studios.

Before venturing into photography, I was a globe- trotting air stewardess, then I ventured into crunching numbers as a bookkeeper, rising through the ranks to become a partner. Finally, I discovered my dream -photography. I did portrait, family and wedding photography with some blends of modelling. Arriving in London and travelling to New York, I was inspired to capture and narrate using photography,  the beauty of the world and people. Because every picture tells a story. Life is a story that we need to transmit without loosing details. For our memories, for our future in order to not forget.


Undeniably, my photography has been heavily influenced by my background in Paris, the French touch as we say. But, the novelty and artistic inspiration that London provided just rejuvenated me and set an unquenchable craving for photography in me. Arriving in London opened my eyes. The hipster culture, nightlife, the narrow streets bustling with people collectively made Italy & Los Angeles a haven, a compromise between Paris London & Los Angeles.


Well, my story so far is told. I have served numerous clients- weddings, street photography. My approach is always to listen to my clients and feel them. The feedback has always been good with professionalism and quality of photos being iterated across all my clients.


So, that’s me - passion driven. Hope you can conjure images of my works. I haven’t said all yet! The rest can only be told in photos. Want to know more? Why not? Just fill in the contact me form and let’s discuss.

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Mr&Mrs Colin

We would like to point out that we were very pleased with Virginie's performance regarding our wedding.

The Photos were beautiful, original with great sensitivity. She captured the soul of our wedding, immortalize simple scenes full of love, in addition to the traditional photo.

We appreciated her kindness, her investment to immortalize this unique day.

We highly recommande her services

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