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Ford T Model “Sausage Box” from the Normandy Beach Race 2020

A little history & interview of the Racer Francois Boudin


Modern cars were first built in 1885 in Germany by Karl Benz.

The first American car was built in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1893 by Charles & Frank Duryea.

But they were not to suit every pocket…

The Model T, the Torpedo was born to change that!

Henry Ford revolutionised the manufactory world “the Taylorism” was born

He created a gasoline engine and successfully tested on one Christmas eve in 1893 with the help of his wife Clara.

The Ford Motor Company was born on June 16, 1903.

Official Model T development began in January 1907, when Henry Ford assembled a team comprised of engineer Childe Harold Wills, machinist C.J. Smith and draftman Joseph Galamb in his small Detroit Factory on Piquette Avenue.

The Model T was the first Ford with all its parts built by the company itself’.

Selling $850, it was considered reasonable value though still slightly higher than the income of the average American.

It’s a bit the American 2CV, for Frenchy!

Ford’s goal was making the cheaper car in order to selling more.

After selling 10607 Model Ts, Henry Ford announced that the company would lease to sell the model R or S cars, famously noticed by his words “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black!”

The Model T end on May26, 1927 when after over 10 years his son convinced him to do the Ford Model A.

The Model A was born after having to scrap 40 thousand tools that could only be used to build the Ford Model T.

Between 1913 to 1927, 15 million Model T was produced.

Henry Ford became the man who made the dream comes true.

The Model T was so popular at one point that majority of Americans owned one.

Americans become then more connected with the rest of the country and leading to the numbered highway system.

Francois, The Parisian Creamer & Ford T Racer

Founder of ‘La cremerie Parisienne” in 2003, based in Rungis.

Francois has been distributing dairy products for restaurants for several generations.

His grandparents "Maison Bouvais" sold cheese in the old Halles of Paris (disappeared in 1973)

Passionate, Gourmet and Epicurean, it only took one step to become a Model T "Sausage Box" racer..

We drive a little bit of story with a max of pleasure!

(We all know the love about food for Frenchy : )) )

Once a point a time… My friend Thierry Dubois had just finished to build 3 Ford Model T (with original pieces of course!) told me “I still have one extra base, do you want it?”

And then my love story with the Model T began…

I will have never thinking that I will take so much fun with just a little car from before the WWII

Every years we do several meet up around France, Concentration International Ford T so then we all get to know each other between passionate.

For the fun I rebuilt one of the accessories on my Ford Model T, who was on the original catalogue : the Sausage box!

So then after couple of laps racing we can enjoy and eat our cooked Sausages!

As you can see from the last Race at

Did you know?!

- The spacing of the based from the Ford Model T are the same as the rails track in USA (same as the Jeep Willis)

- Laurel & Hardy was also famous with their Ford Model T

- The Ford Model T were imported in France by boat through Bordeaux. But with just the base, engine wheels and without seat! The seat was a piece of wood and it was laying on the tank. They were called the Ford T Bordelaise.

- They made the double T, the TT for little truck.

- And the craziest race is "The Pig N' Fords USA!!!

Recap Link :

All Photos from the Normandy Beach race :

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